Saturday, 2 March 2013

Piccies part 1

Here are few bird pics from Goa. They are all digiscoped and take us upto Backwoods. There are still many to edit yet and I am sure that will take me a couple of week yet so stayed tuned for more in the future

There is the usual caveat with these photos. Most of them were taken in crappy light and have been heavily edited but you get the idea...

Brown fish owl. Awesome bird that flew across a river and sat out in the open. Just a shame that the light was so poor

Sri Lanka frogmouth. One of the best birds we saw. This pair ( brown female, grey male) were roosting on the edge of the camp at Backwoods. Just a shame the branch was in the way!

White rumped shama. A cracking looking bird but the low light in the forest doesn't do it any justice!

Stork billed kingfisher, a beast!!

Malabar pied hornbill. Male on right, female on left. Another of many Malabar endemics occurring at Backwoods

Little green bee-eater. Cracking little birds that were seen almost anywhere. Never got tired of seeing

Malabar parakeet, endemic to the Western Ghats

Coppersmiths barbet, common bird that could be heard calling everywhere. Always at the top of the tree so hard to photograph

Blue eared kingfisher at Backwoods. The bird spent much of its time hidden but I did manage to get a shot when it landed briefly on a rock. Just downstream was oriental dwarf kingfisher that sadly evaded the camera


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