Saturday, 2 March 2013

Help required

Can anyone out there give me some advice on posting images on here.

I never seem to be able to write near images without putting it as a caption. I don't have a problem with doing that but it screws up the formatting!!

On the subject of formatting, what is the point. The post before was written nothing like it has come out. Why the f*ck it put the opening line near the bottom I will never know, they were not like that when I wrote it and I didn't put in all the massive spaces!! I am getting pretty naffed off with is looking so shit and if I can't get it sorted I will be shutting down the blog again

if you have any ideas, PLEEEEEEASE HELP



  1. Hi Paul, glad you had a good holiday, sounds great!

    with regards to pics on here, the trick is not to overcomplicate it- if your image is in the centre of the text you cant write on either side. However if you upload the image, click on it and it gives you options, if you choose left or right you can write text on either side of it. You may find it easier to put the images on first, get them in order and the write the text over them.
    its either text-centred picture-text or text- right/left pic- running text.

    Finally when you click on new post ensure that the top right button is on compose and not html, that way it is just like writing an MS word document and not a foreign computer language.

    Hope that's useful?

  2. Try writing the text first, then click where you want pic to go to get cursor there, then upload picture.

    You can size it, tell it to go left/right/centre etc.

    Check my blog out - some pics of one of your old workmates I've led astray pike fishing.