Saturday, 24 August 2013

"I love my camera"

Was a famous quote from a friend almost every day on our trip to India last year. Well now it is my turn.

Since I have had my new Panasonic TZ9 compact camera I have found a feature that is great for capturing insect photos without getting too close disturbing the subject. The camera has a great 32x zoom that allows you photograph from distance. Once the subject is located, just 2 presses of a button and you are in close. I know that it is digital zoom and the quality is not great but with the powers of photoshop I think the results are perfectly acceptable for blogging. If you need a quick shot to get an ID then it is perfect. I know I am not going to win Wildlife Photographer of the Year but I am pleased.

Grayling butterfly in the garden. One of 2 new species recorded in the garden in recent weeks. The other was a wall brown.

Hoverfly Myathropa florea in the garden. The 1st hoverfly identified using my new fieldguide

Clouded yellow at Titchwell

Common darter

White cheeked pintail at Titchwell

Black tailed godwit at Titchwell


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