Wednesday, 27 August 2014

First Fall

Well it wasn't a big one (said the actress to the bishop) but it was definitely worth getting up early.
The decision had been either seawatching or thrashing Thornham Point for migrants. Well with the wind dropping and a sprinkling of migrants on the coast, Thornham Point was the destination.

Simon and I met in the carpark and headed for the Point. There  were a few martins and a couple of swifts on the way out and despite the NE wind it was rather warm.

Almost as soon as we got the the Point bushes a bird was flycatching near the tower, a rather nice pied fly (160). The flycatcher was pretty mobile moving between the bushes and the tideline sueda until eventually it disappeared.

7 spoonbills dropped onto the saltmarsh, 3 wigeon and a female peregrine flew by but other than that it seemed quiet.

We checked the rest of the bushes and headed to the other dunes. Almost straight away we flushed a wheatear and a few meadow pipits. Further around the dunes was a whinchat and another wheatear but sadly no wryneck.

Back at the bushes a juv spotted fly had appeared but it was time for work :-(

A walk out to the East Bank this afternoon produced a 2nd pied fly and there was another one at the north end of Gypsy Lane this evening.

It wasn't heaving with migrants but it was a nice way to kick off the autumn season. Lets hope its a sign...

Think the carpark will need checking on the morning :-)

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